Advanced Training Courses by OTH

Advanced Training Courses Table by OTH Course CodeOTH Regensburg Training Series PeriodOTH01Analog and Digital Electronics for Semiconductor5 DaysOTH02Electronic Product Engineering, Product/Test/Technology Interaction for Semiconductor5 DaysOTH03Laser Technology (focus on short-pulse lasers), Optical Sensors, Technical Optics5 DaysOTH04LED Technology5 DaysOTH05MEMS and Sensor5 DaysOTH06Micromachining and Nanotechnology5 DaysOTH07Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), Flash, EEPROM, NVRAM5 DaysOTH08Power Semiconductor Technology & Devices: Power Diode,…

Essential Engineering Skills

Essential Engineering Skills Courses Table Course CodeEssential Engineering Skills Training Series PeriodES018D Systematic Process, Methods, Tools and 3×5 Why Analysis3 DaysES02Technical Article Writing for Defensive Journal and Publication3 DaysES03Research Methodology for Engineers and Scientists2 DaysES04TRIZ Creative Problem Solving for Engineers and Scientists2 Days

Sensor Technology & MEMS

Sensor Technology & MEMS Courses Table Course CodeMicroelectromechanical System (MEMS) Training Series PeriodMM01-1Fundamentals of MEMS, Products and Technology3 DaysMM01-2MEMS Design Packaging & Test – Advance3 DaysMM02MEMS Technology2 DaysMM03Microfluidic Devices2 Days

Optoelectronics & Photonics

Optoelectronics & Photonics Courses Table Course CodeOptoelectronics & Photonics Training Series PeriodOP01Essentials of Optics and Optical Materials for LED2 DaysOP02Essentials of Phosphor Technology2 DaysOP03Optoelectronic Device and Packaging2 DaysOP04Photometry and Colorimetry2 DaysSP01-1Silicon Photonics – Fundamental and Devices Technology Part 13 DaysSP01-2Silicon Photonics – Fundamental and Devices Technology Part 23 Days


Semiconductor Courses Table Course CodeSemiconductor Training SeriesPeriodSC01-01Semiconductor Manufacturing Engineering – From Materials, Fabrications, Assembly Packaging to Yield Engineering2 DaysSC01-02Semiconductor Devices, Technologies and Characterization2 DaysSC02Microfabrication Processes in Semiconductor2 DaysSC03Essentials of Material Science And Engineering In Microelectronics2 DaysSC04Fundamentals of Thin Films in Microfabrication – Techniques, Characterization and Analysis2 DaysSC05Power Semiconductor  Technology & Devices MOSFETs, Power Diodes, IGBTs3…

Electronics & VLSI Design

Electronics Engineering & VLSI Design for Semiconductor Courses Table Course CodeElectronics Engineering & VLSI Design for Semiconductor Training Series PeriodEE01-1Analog Electronics and Integrated Design3 DaysEE01-2Digital Electronics and Logic Circuit Design3 DaysEE02-1Electrical Circuit Theory For Microelectronics2 DaysEE02-2Basic Electronics For Microelectronics2 DaysEE02-3Advanced Analogue Electronics For Microelectronics2 DaysEE02-4Digital Electronics For Microelectronics2 DaysEE03CMOS IC Design 3 DaysEE03-1CMOS Transistor Fundamentals2…